Filing Taxes Properly

3 Things You Need To Know About Payroll

As a business owner, there are a lot of things you have to deal with on a regular basis. One of those things is payroll. Payroll can be extremely confusing and complex. There are a lot of rules and regulations that you want to make sure you adhere to in order to prevent being hit with a bunch of penalties and fees. To help you better understand your payroll, check out the following information. Read More 

Filing Overdue Income Tax Returns for Multiple Years

For various reasons, some individuals do not file tax returns for a number of years. The reason might be of a personal nature, such as declining health. For other individuals, the possibility of owing money causes them to avoid tax preparation altogether. Regardless of the reason, outstanding income tax returns for earlier years can be completed and filed now. Filing tax returns for multiple years at once is not that uncommon. Read More 

Want Faster Employee Background Checks? Follow These Tips

Employee background checks can take time. The thoroughness of the check, record-keeping practices at the courthouse and your own internal systems can all affect the amount of time it takes to get a check completed. Fortunately, there are ways that you can speed up the process to make it go as quickly as possible. Read on to find out more. Use Digital Files Courthouses that keep paper records instead of digital files can significantly slow down the employee background check process. Read More 

Claiming A Disabled Adult Family Member As A Tax Dependent

Some households include a disabled adult who is unable to work. Tax filers who provide support for a disabled adult family member may be able to claim that person as a tax dependent. The typical dependent is a child or a young adult student. The main difference in claiming a disabled adult is that the usual age requirement does not apply. An adult family member who is considered to be completely disabled may qualify as a dependent at any age. Read More 

When To Include A State Income Tax Refund As Taxable Income

Tax filers are usually somewhat surprised to learn that a state tax refund may be taxable on their federal income tax return. There is sometimes some interplay between the state tax return and the federal tax return. Individuals who itemize their deductions in one year may be required to include some or all of a state refund as income on their federal income tax return the next year. There is a separate line on IRS Form 1040 to report a taxable state refund. Read More 

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Filing Taxes Properly

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